Bastion steel fences

Standard heights of Bastion Fences are from 1.2 m to 3.6 m, or they can be produced at the customer's request. Also, there is the possibility of an extended pole for video surveillance as well as an extended pole for the addition of barbed wire. Along with Bastion Fences, we also produce appropriate gates in all dimensions - from single-leaf pedestrian gates 1m wide, through double-leaf gates 2m to 10m wide, to self-supporting sliding gates at the customer's request.
Bastion fences are definitely your best choice, and the fact that we were the FIRST IN SERBIA to start producing them shows that we have a long tradition in fulfilling the wishes and needs of our clients. Our expert team will be happy to help you to choose the perfect design and dimensions for your space. Rely on the top quality of our fences and gates that we produce according to your wishes and taste.


The fence itself does not require any maintenance and its final treatment allows it to maintain a superior appearance from year to year. It can be delivered to meet virtually any specification and is designed to allow quick, easy and inexpensive installation. So far, we have successfully fenced state and military facilities, public and private property, school and health facilities, airports, separate facilities, etc.


They provide maximum security and strength, but at the same time offer an attractive appearance. They are used for a wide range of applications - from simple yard fencing to applications where a high level of protection of buildings and people is required. The structure of the fence is made entirely of top quality steel with a specific way of installation. The fences are hot-dip galvanized in order to be protected from corrosion, and at the customer's request, they can also go for powder coating - plastic coating.